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Adults Only! Due to the adult nature (sex scenes, nudity, occasional coarse language and adult themes) you must be at least 18 years old in order to proceed.
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Erotic Mind Control Adventures are currently being built by cmacleod and the Hypnopics Collective.
To join in the discussion please log in/create an account and add your thoughts to the "A Spell For All Version 14" thread in the MC Game Zone subforum.

If you have ideas or would like to make suggestions/submissions please refer to the FAQ for information on how to do so.

To play this game must have cookies turned on and have Javascript enabled. This game is compatible with all major browsers.

What's New:

Release version
  • Assorted bug fixes and small continuity fixes. Notably some issues for Angelica. Fixed some incorrect hyperlinks in the game.
  • Add Memory option to phone apps, primarily for Android users, to allow altering the number of saves or photos in your phone
  • Schedule tab in phone notes for when some people are available. A work in progress
  • Vampire Lilith three/foursomes with Mrs Granger/Kate. Images are lower-resolution and Kate is edited in via head-swap edits. Limited images for female player case
  • Some events returning to Sarah with the Vampire. Feeding is always available now, sort of. Lauren will refuse to be fed on, a bit different between murder and apprentice paths. Delayed the 'trouble with Lilith' event
  • Threesomes with Sarah and vampire Lilith. All images edited.
  • Additional explicit image variants for Sarah (charmed) including strap-on images and a tit-fuck scene.
  • Additional image when visiting Alison with Lilith
  • Updated some of Liliths images so their edits are more consistent, and added aditional image variants for sex scenes. Altered images when she is Sarah's slave and the layout of images for her and Lauren
  • Partially updated the walkthough in the game, and removed all except the version created by Capacitor. Altered the display to be in an iFrame to try to address a display issue for an Android device. Can still be opened externally of the game
  • Altered some of the text around the start of the Elian events to encourage hydromancy and made learning hydromancy easier. Added an additional vision AFTER Elians related to Jesse/Legion
  • Replaced an image for Kate that showed inappropriate bondage for the scene

Previously New:

  • Version 14.10
  • Optional alternate model for Mrs. Tanika, chosen at first meeting or via cheat menu. Also add a titfuck scene. As part of this also altered how your bedroom is displayed with the different combinations of visitors
  • Optional alternate model for Gina, chosen at first encounter or via cheat menu.
  • Miss Logan's Neurology assignment now is an alternate charm path. Will include some changes for Ms Jones (an alternate outfit)
  • Sofia on the apprentice path is replaced with a different chauffeur Angelica (model August Taylor) with different story
  • New bad ending for Mom/Gabby story written by imperator_mentus
  • Series of challenges with Elian, but no final resultion. New bath scene for her after the start of them, and also the pool and poledance scenes can be randomly seen again, with new text and alternate images.
  • Updated modding system to make it simpler to mod images or javascript. See Mods/readme.txt
  • Altered and added a fallback for Mom to ensure her masturbation scene happens, at worst after Legion is defeated/leaves
  • Assorted small bug fixes
  • Better support for mobile devices layout. Note: popup inventory was discontinued
  • Better handling for alternate images and error handling. Also handles differing aspect ratios better
  • Android apk version
  • Additional endgame pregnant scenes for Elian, Donna, Pamela, Madison, Zoey, Nina, Hannah and Camryn
  • Addiotional image variations for some minor places like tv viewing, pool, strip-club. Also more image variations for Ms. Jones, Hannah, tf scene for Hannah
  • Some revisions/clarifications for the notes in your phone
  • Stopped some cases where repeat sex made you leave the house/room
  • Some changes for Mrs Granger and uncharmed Kate allowing sex with Mrs Granger when Kate is not a lover or girlfriend. Also added for Mrs Granger bondage. strapon and titfuck scenes and a variant pool scene (video)

  • Version 14.9.4
  • more bug fixes, notably when studying with Kate and picking the wrong option with puzzles disabled can break her story and cause her to kill you on next meeting at home
  • Endgame changes, pregnant scenes for Mayor Thomas, Angela, Emily and Kylie.
  • Endgame for family improved and recognises the Mom bad end if she runs away with Gabby
  • More pregnant porn in Miss Logan's PC, 5 images
  • Changes submitted by freyjadour to allow multiple transformations (BE + futa for some) and to reverse transformations. Also a PC to male transformation but do not expect people to react to this yet. Also includes extra image edits for be + futa cases
  • Alternate pregnant edits for Mom and Tracy submitted by Dirkdingo, they also did the Kylie pregnant edit.
  • More obvious event once you can learn trainings
  • Replacement charm scene for Jenny from Northwind, a bit 'dirtier'
  • Expanded sex scenes at the restaurant for Jenny from Northwind, also a bit 'dirtier'
  • Additional BE images for Zoey including home (pose, sex, bed), poledancing, pool
  • Additional/expanded sex scenes with male Mr Beasley, with variations for futa players. Written by Northwind
  • Additional BE images for Madison including pool sex, home strip-tease, bed(ish). Also some head-swap fakes for some strap-on sex scenes. Additionally a pool-side strap-on image. You can now transform her at home.
  • Additional BE images for Louise including pool, home, poledance. Thressome scenes with Nina, using model Sonja Adams. You can now transform her at home.
  • Additional BE images for Bambi (Kiki Vidis version), pool, hotel bar, guarding
  • People reacting to you as a futa, written by Northwind. Not all just a selection so far but notably Mom and Tracy
  • Expanded scenes for John and Tess at their home, also by Northwind. Primarily for male John
  • Expanded charm scene for John by Northwind
  • Revised Silver Ring encounter with Tess and John with other paths possible by Northwind. Note, you can get kicked out and option locked out for Tess. These are for a while, a SMS from Tess will arrive after a time.
  • Replaced a look-a-like image for Mrs Granger (male bj in the Wild Ranges)
  • Add 'worship each other' option for Mother Superior and Sister Desiree, lesbian and futa version. Tweaked one of Sister Desiree's images to emphasise caning marks
  • Kurdorf asks a price to learn Invisibility - take care, a possible bad end if you are lacking two defences
  • Performance scene with Jade (night with no scheduled dancer, and have not visited her and dancing allowed)

  • Version
  • more bug fixes
  • Endgame changes, pregnant scenes for Anita, Melissa.
  • Additional SMS for Mrs Robbins, and more explicit sex images.
  • More Tina/Mrs Robbins threesome images some for vampire Tina. An image for vampire Tina swapped. Added a hardcore fake for Tina.
  • Version
  • more bug fixes
  • End game scene always shows a scene for Mom/Tracy, with possible pregnancies
  • Added a fallback case if you fail to cham Carol
  • Image improvements for Carol, more fakes and better threesome with Ellie and other images
  • Added tit-fuck scene with faked images, including a strap-on version
  • Repeat visits of Kristin to Carol with threesome or foursome
  • Fixed/added more poledance scenes (generic text so far) for Carol, Kristin, Abby, Angela, Donna, Diane, Emily, Louise, Sofia, Tina (normal)
  • Changes for invisibility to better recognise the state, particularly the indefinite version and to handle the state, to restrict options interacting with others. More changes are needed this is an initial change
  • A couple of initial events when invisible with the extended training. School hallway during school hours and Kristin's home when she is there and you enter her home invisible (so she does not know you are there).
  • Some dialogues with Lilith on her and invisibility
  • Endgame changes, pregnant scenes for Alison, Jenny.
  • Version 14.9.3
  • bug fixes
  • Doctor Kay can be met at the hospital if you do not charm her at school and charmed there
  • Jenny has an apartment
  • Alternate way to charm Charlie if you are barred from the Gym
  • Image swaps, improvements and additions for Janet and Debra with some hardcore fakes added
  • Alternate charm option for Janet, and re-charm options for Debra
  • Date options for Girlfriend Debra, and Bimbo and Girfriend Janet
  • Additional sex options for Debra and Janet (tit-fuck, threesome) and more images variations
  • Hotel Cellar rearranged so each slave has a 'check' option for their scenes/options
  • Dance scenes for Janet and Debra, some based on their charm type
  • Small scene with Anita while on guard duty
  • Version
  • Lots of bug fixes, notably for Sandra, Gina. Thanks to Northwind for a large list of bugs!
  • Custom dance scene for Ms. Titus, Adele
  • Zoey has an apartment
  • Extra images for Adele and Catherine. Some existing images swapped out for different ones
  • Meeting scene for Adele in the early game
  • Adele and Catherine have tit-fuck scenes, Catherine a strap-on scene.
  • New notes in your phone for Kate and some others
  • Officer Batton starts the game charmed
  • Scenes for Kate if she did not quite trust you, but did not distrust. Previously she disappeared, now she can return home and be charmable, NOT a lover
  • Altered some of the scenes around confromting Davy to delay the event until you have met Kate the needed times
  • Kate has extra chat option to discuss her holiday and the idea of the photo albums. You can also check them after charmed/girlfriend
  • Extra dance scene for thrall Seraphina
  • Scene if you try shooting Elian
  • Tess can be sent back to her home
  • new female player avatar, Dakota Skye, by request
  • Carol and Ellie can be invited to swim in their pool
  • added a hint when you first meet Alison
  • A scene at the start of the vampire story giving a hint, also more time given if you ask for a delay
  • Some changes to Mother Superior and Sister Desiree, you can move Sister Desiree to Mother Superior's chambers outside of the posession event
  • Version 14.9.1
  • Convince Charlie to let you see Amy, 3 options, 1 more for female Charlie. Some more effective than others.
  • Meet Amy, and either charm her or convince to be uncharmed girlfriend. Charm can be 'charmed girlfriend' or 'secretly a slave'
  • Bimbo Curse event (written by Northwind) - only happens if you imprison Jessica
  • Alternate charm process for Madison and an apartment for her. Expanded sex scenes at her office
  • If you miss charming Emily in her office there is a later encounter in the laundromat
  • Additional scenes for Elian, her story is still incomplete
  • Alternate model for Officer Becky Smith (Alanah Rae, from Blogna's mod), selected on first meeting or via cheat menu
  • Image changes for some items and creatures, notably magic stones, Aftane. Changed King in Yellow images. New dream, demon in bath
  • Image changes for Mr. Beasley as submitted by a fan, to consistently use Johnny Sinns for all images
  • Additional image variations for Kristin and two new sex scanes (1 male, 1 female) at her home
  • Alternate charm scene for Kristin intended for the case you miss charming her at the Bank on the murder path but can be encountered otherwise. Opened via Ms Titus
  • Fallback scene if you fail to free Amy and Catherine from Mr Beasley. You can order him once charmed to get them and then free them
  • Customised dance scene for multiple characters
  • Additional nudist images mostly from Bologna's mod
  • Additional end game pregnant scenes
  • Pool images for Zoey
  • Additional edits for Bambi's alternate model
  • You can delete 'standard' wallpaper images from your phone, ie the built in onces
  • Some additional options in the cheat menu for people to select model/gender/events for specific people
  • Bug fixes and probably additions...
  • Better handling for image substitutions for gif/jpg, for modding/personal preferences etc
  • Start game changes to select theme and futa gender
  • Two new player avatars, Faye Reagan and Stephan
  • Major rearrange of image folders in the game - main Explicit folder is gome
  • Notes in your pohne now uses tabs and other small changes
  • Jessica revisions to her events and new post Seance event by Northwind. Extensive scenes if you free her, some if you do not
  • Elian - you can survive the encounter with her and meet her later
  • Shower with people at home, and others can interrupt or join you, but only so often
  • People can dance at the strip-club once you ask Jade about it
  • - you can dance at the strip-club (male or female)
  • Amy and Charlie
  • - Charlie can initially be male or female
  • - meet and charm Charlie at the Gym (after fully charming Adele)
  • - transform Charlie male to female and female to male - repeatable!
  • - more of the story is not implemented as of 14.9, please wait for 14.9.1
  • Charm Nella the Bank Security Guard, 3 versions based on where you do it
  • - bondage play with Victoria opens up
  • Emily the HR staff at the Town Hall
  • Town control events with Mayor Thomas sometime after Emily and Officer Batton are charmed
  • - Nudist encounters around town after selecting the option
  • Vampyre Lilith changes
  • - Vampyre Dreaming (by Northwind)
  • - new model for most images, Romi Rain
  • - she will go swimming with you + sex scene
  • - you can ask her to wait outside
  • - she will dance at the strip club + sex scene
  • - scenes with Alison at her home, including lesbian and threesome
  • Ghost Keana event at the strip club and showering
  • Altered scene for Davy and Tina
  • Placeholder charm scene for Davy (male and female)
  • End Game changes
  • - you can choose to see all possible scenes
  • - additonal pregnant scenes for Kate and Mrs Granger, Diane, Miss Beasley, Didi, Catherine, Adele, Carol and Miku (only seen if Miss. Logan is bred)
  • - scene for Davy
  • - scenes for the Cult at the Church
  • - more scenes for your harem and others
  • Nina has an apartment you can visit
  • Louise has an apartment you can visit
  • Alison has an apartment you can visit
  • Monique minimal charm
  • - re-charm Monique - only at home after the minimal charm
  • Miss Logan has a home you can visit, here is a reason to visit her home alone
  • New texts from Kylie (of Aunt Brandi), Carol, Miss Logan, Abby, Mrs Granger

What cannot be done as of this release