Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions. We will start by explaining some principles of the game, then move on to the hints and tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question: I can't get the game to work!?! I click on the button and nothing happens!?!
    Answer: There are two things that "A Spell 4 All" needs to work:
    1: Javascript must be enabled for the game to work.
    2: While the game has been tested with many browsers, if it does not work, try redownloading the game, and if it still fails, please try a different browser.

  2. Question: I got the game to work, but now I can't cast a spell. What do I do?
    Answer: Two pointers and a hint:
    1: You MUST have the book in your inventory to learn any new spells.
    2: You MUST have MANA in order to cast spells. How do you get that? Play the game. If you see an option to discuss something with someone - try it. The game is designed to lead you through the first few steps in a very small environment to teach you what to do and where to go.
    3: One little hint. You must "USE" a magic stone to extract its Mana, and this must be done in a place that carries its own magical power/undercurrent. There. Now have fun!

  3. Question: I've noticed a Bug/Flaw/Exploit in the game. What should I do?
    Answer: There is a thread in "Games Development" category in the Forums at "The Collective" that is the intended place to post error reports.

  4. Question: Is any of the material protected by copyright by other individuals or business entities?
    Answer: All images, stories, and dialogue has been supplied by either the EMCA project group (in the past) or by the "Collective" and its members in versions produced by FirstBorn. That being said, to the best of our knowledge all content is considered freeware. However, if an individual produces evidence to the contrary then the item(s) in question will be removed at the earliest possible time. The inclusion of anything in this game does not infer any implications of copyright by Wizard, FirstBorn, nor the Collective in any way.

  5. Question: How do I become a contributing member of the "Spell 4 All" game?
    Answer: Submit a detailed puzzle, scene, picture series, or script to "the Collective" (found HERE) Forums and begin adding your comments to the "Spell 4 All" threads found in the General Chat area.

    Please be specifc. Vague ideas are very difficult to implement. Explain the exactly what you want,.e.g. which scenes are impacted, exactly how a puzzle will work, what causes the plot to change, when your addition take place in the game.

    If your suggestion and/or submission meshes well with the feel/intent of the game then it will be incorporated into the game in subsequent versions.

  6. Question: How do I get my site/story listed on the favorites page?
    Answer: The favorites page is subject to Wizard's & FirstBorn's taste and it is these views that govern which sites are found on these pages.

  7. Question: Can I copy the "A Spell For All" game or use it to make money?
    Answer: A Spell For All is freeware. You may copy and distribute it free of charge. However, you are advised not to modify nor profit from the game because EMCA project group, Members of the Collective, and/or photographed individuals may claim use without consent.

  8. Where did this come from??

    Older versions of this game, version 12, (Originally written by Wizard) were found at the EMCA project group.