Heat Control


Hi, welcome to Heat Control! I'm --CharName--, and I hope we'll have lots of fun together!

You can start playing by selecting a gamemode and picking your options. Here are a few basic rules:

  • When the screen is dark green, you can fap, but you are not allowed to cum.
  • When the screen turns dark red, you need to stop fapping immediately.
  • You should try to get close to cumming when the EDGE bar gets close to the end.
  • When the CUM section appears, be ready, you could be instructed to cum next!
  • Do not cum before you are instructed to do so. If you cum too early, you lose!
  • When the screen turns bright green, you can cum! If you do not cum by the time the cum bar reaches the end, you can't cum anymore.
  • If the screen turns bright red, the session is over, but you are not allowed to cum this time.
  • Spice things up by using a toy, or playing with a partner!

Good luck! Send comments or suggestions to Strawberries on FA!

Inspired by www.edgemeplease.com, taking the main idea and improving upon it!
A big thank you to beta testers who suggested improvements!

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